Safe Relocation and Moving Services

Safe Moving and Relocating in Canada

Are you moving or looking to relocate a security Safe?  When moving a safe it is important to hire a professional Safe Moving and Safe Relocating company for a number of reasons. One very large reason is the safe size and weight.  Do not use a company that does not offer the proper safety equipment and proper safety gear as the result can lead to building damage, safe damage or worse.

Protech offers professional Safe Moving and Safe Relocating services across Canada.  No safe is too large or even too small. Professionals get the job done right, safely! Feel free to contact us anytime by email or just call 1-888-999-9610.

Safe Delivery, Installation, Relocation, Equipment Moves

ProTech Safe & Security provides a full service installation and move crew specializing in security equipment installations and re-locations (mergers). Senior staff are fully U.L.C. Accredited for installation of vaults, safes, night depositories, safety deposit boxes, and miscellaneous fire resistive filing equipment.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, ProTech Safe & Security personnel are seasoned in all aspects of credit union re-locations, ensuring that confidentiality, security, and safety are maintained at the highest standards at all times. With the on-going merger of branches, ProTech's management is knowledgeable of job-site visits, as well as vault and security layout drawings for new branches.

The removal and disposal of vaults and night depositories is another on-going service provided by ProTech's professional crew. ProTech Safe & Security is currently an authorized supplier for branch moves of credit unions, national banks, trust companies, and financial institutions.

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